With the rollout of the new WUSTL Box cloud storage and collaboration system, the WUSTL Drop Box system is slated for decommission on October 15, 2015. WUSTL Box provides additional storage and features for sharing large files with University colleagues and external collaborators.  Please see box.wustl.edu for additional information on the new WUSTL Box service.
WUSTL Dropbox Service unlocked

You may perform the following activities:

 About the Dropbox 
What is the dropbox?
 Dropbox News! 
Changes to the dropbox
Drop-off (upload) a file for a Washington University user.
Pick-up (download) a file dropped-off for you by a Washington University user.

If you are a Washington University user, please logon.
A logon is required to drop-off files for people outside the University and manage your drop-offs.

Use your WUSTL Key username to log in and access features not available to the public.